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  The only unit of its kind in the armed forces.      
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  Rhine River Rebels      
  The latest Fife and Drum Corps from Basel / Switzerland      
  21st Grey Coat Batallion      
  Fife and Drum Corps from Basel / Switzerland      
  Wild Bunch      
  Fife and Drum Corps from Basel / Switzerland      
  Swiss Drummer Association      
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    Be a Fifer! Learn to play the Fife! Ed Boyle, a fifer for over fifty years....      
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  Bob Castillo's home page serves the fife & drum community      
  The Company of Fifers and Drummers      
  The Museum of Fife & Drum in Ivoryton, CT / USA      
  Cooperman Fife and Drum Company      
  Fife and Drum manufacturing in Centerbrook, CT / USA      
  Büchler Trommelbau      
  Drum and Bass manufacturing from Basel / Switzerland      
Other Sea Music
  Shipwrecked Chanteymen
      Music connected to the sea and the seamanship